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We are a holistic wellness center that has been helping people feel better, look better and live better since 2006. Many programs only focus on symptom suppression, but we dig deep to find out the root cause of your symptom and fix it for good. In conjunction with holistic practices we provide safe, effective and efficient fitness.


Every day millions of people suffer needlessly in pain from conditions that often times can be corrected quite simply.  Conventional medicine or even conventional physical therapy typically address only the symptom of the pain.


The objective should be to not just get out of pain, but to resolve the imbalance that created the pain and dysfunction in the first place.


If a person opts for symptom suppression through drugs or surgery instead of getting to the root cause they will more than likely continue to have intermittent pain in the same area or dysfunction will show up somewhere else in the body.


Whatever philosophy a practitioner, doctor or therapist's has, the one concept no expert will ever disagree with is, when the body gets out of homeostasis or balance enough, bad things happen!  


So what makes more sense, to suppress the symptom you are experiencing or get to the root cause of the pain? At the Body Project our focus is to restore your body back to balance, optimize your health as well as get you out of pain.

Without a holistic approach of addressing the body as a whole instead of individual parts, people will never truly correct their problem.  Pain is your body’s way of communicating to you that there is a problem.


Why would you want to suppress that? That is like putting duct tape over your check engine light.  Let us help you get to the root cause and “fix” your pain once and for all.

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Pain or Dysfunction is merely the symptom of your body being out of imbalance. Stress is the major factor in any pain or dysfunction the body is experiencing.


However, it is really the stress response within the body that creates pain and dysfunction. The variables or stressors that affect the body and pull it out of balance are listed in our chart here.


Our holistic model we have created shows the things that are causing the stress to the body and therefore causing the symptom you may be experiencing.

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Holistic Healing Alternative Medicine Fitness Therapy The Body Project


We work with all different types of pain. We believe it’s important to not just get out of pain, but to resolve the imbalance that created the pain and dysfunction in the first place.


We work with balancing your brain specifically focusing on anxiety, depression, migraines, memory loss, PTSD, ADD and concussions. Anxiety and depression affects millions of people a year and typically goes undiagnosed.


Our goal is to ensure you get the safest most efficient program, no matter what your age or fitness level is. Our programs improve your strength, stamina and increase flexibility.

Second Opinion, written by Holistic Exercise Therapist Rob Smith is about restoring balance, so your body can again, function as it was intended to.
The truth about the world, ourselves, and our purpose – it all comes down to healing. And the truth about healing can be in your hands.
Second Opinion has reached best seller status in three different categories on Amazon. Just request and appointment for a consultsulation  and get the book free!  Or purchase on Amazon below.
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If I had to come up with one work to express how I feel about finding Rob, his wife Paula and their work, it would be gratitude.  What I have learned and the changes I have made to my health and fitness have been life changing.

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My experience following the principles in this book has completely exceeded my expectations and is by far the best money and time I have ever spent on myself.


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Holistic Healing Alternative Medicine Fitness Therapy
Holistic Healing Alternative Medicine Fitness Therapy
Holistic Healing Alternative Medicine Fitness Therapy
Holistic Healing Alternative Medicine Fitness Therapy

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Holistic Healing Alternative Medicine Fitness Therapy
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