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Fitness  and Weight Loss

Fitness Training

When it comes to fitness there are many options available today, but what people say differentiates the Body Project is the superior instruction. Not only will we make your workouts the safest workouts possible, but will we will empower you through education so you always know how to execute your exercises with safety and efficiency. You can go anywhere and do exercises that make you hot, tired and sweaty, but are they making you better?


The optimal fitness program should incorporate the movements that the human body is designed to do and designed to do well: Squat, bend, push, pull, twist, lunge and gait. ( good walking, jogging  or running form) At the Body Project our objective is ensure you can move pain free while getting more fit. At The Body Project our average personal training and wellness clients exercises with us for 5 plus years because they get results.  The Body Project was named as one of the personal training and wellness centers in the state of Minnesota.


At the Body Project we offer various programs to work with a fitness trainer including from private to large group fitness and wellness coaching.


​At the Body Project we focus on three major areas: Safety, Community, and results. 

Our Clients tell us they love the time and energy we take to educate them on proper exercise mechanics so they can stay safe and be efficient leading to great results while being in a welcoming and supportive environment where everybody knows their name. 


Private Training is one on one with a trainer. This may be appropriate for you if you need a little more individual attention because you are new to fitness training, you may be more de-conditioned or because you have had or are currently dealing with some joint pain or injury.  

Semi-Private Training

Each semi-private session is with you and a partner that shares the coaching time.  There is no need to keep up or compete as the movement program is designed for each individuals fitness level as well as any potential joint issues or injuries you may currently have.


This is more cost effective and may be a great alternative to one on one training. This gives you an opportunity to work with a highly educated and qualified fitness coach and share the expenses with your partner while still receiving a lot of individual attention. This is extremely supportive and you get to know your health and fitness partner quite well.  Friendly, supportive and positive people are always welcome!


Our Simplyfit Program is designed for ages 40 and over. We offer one on one and semi-private training.  We understand after the age of 40 your body is changing hormonally, you may have joint pain or maybe aren't recovering from exercise like you used to do.


Our team has researched a huge range of possible health concerns that plague aging adults and they've distilled their findings down into a very safe, effective and efficient fitness program that will help you lead a better, more active life, no matter your fitness level or your age.  Plus, you'll be exercising with people just like you!


Our health and fitness coaches will guide you through our scientifically proven workout program that's designed to work on the four most critical factors that you need - Optimal Mobility, Flexibility, Strength, and Stamina - so that you can live an active and independent life and enjoy all those amazing adventures ahead of you pain free!

Weight Loss-Success Stories

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Holistic Healing Alternative Medicine Fitness Therapy The Body Project

Take care of your body, it's the only 

place your have to live. 

— John Rohn

Holistic Healing Alternative Medicine Fitness Therapy The Body Project
AGE 47

I love The Body Project’s integrated holistic approach to health and fitness because it makes so much sense. I have lost 23 lbs of fat and gained 8 lbs of lean muscle and I am doing things I couldn’t do 20 years ago because of the programs at The Body Project.  My kids have had great success in therapy for their sports injuries as well as major improvements with my daughter’s asthma.

Laura Rogers
Age 56
Since joining Body Project I have utilized all their services. I have done their 21 Day Challenge, Fitness, MFT, Holistic Therapy and the Micro current Lymph treatments. I love everything is under one roof and all the practitioners and trainers communicate about the clients needs. I have lost over 30 lbs and can't believe how much I have learned about how to work out properly so I get the best results and stay safe. You can workout anywhere, but here you get an education! It's awesome!
AGE 66

I just love it here, I could come everyday! I have more than tripled my strength, improved my stamina significantly and I love the detailed instruction we receive from the trainers. But, I think my favorite thing is the positive community we have here!

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