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Our holistic healing consists of a combination of clinical nutrition, supplements, restorative breathing, energy healing, brain balancing and micro-current treatments.


Whether you are experiencing a health challenge or just want to live your best life, we offer a truly individualized approach to healing.  We feel everyone needs a health assessment to determine what is stressing your body. During each session, evaluating these stressors will allow us to “peel back the layers of the onion” to discover the root cause of your health concerns.

Common Results Experienced
  • Increase in energy

  • Decrease pain and Inflammation

  • Improved sleep

  • Normalize digestion

  • Balance out hormones naturally

  • Improve mood

  • Decrease brain fog

Health Challenges Addressed
  • Sleep Issues

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Irritable bowel, constipation, diarrhea

  • Fatigue

  • Perimenopause symptoms

  • Pain

  • Digestion

  • Weight loss


The primary technique we use is Morphegenic Field Technique (MFT). MFT is a non-invasive system of analyzing the body to determine the underlying causes of illness. Our clinically proven system may be quite different from any other healing practice you have experienced. This system is rooted firmly in the belief that whole food nutrients contain the potential to heal the body. This is a truly individualized approach to healing. No two individual’s health concerns are ever the same. No cookie cutter program.

In a session we use a muscle test to communicate with your body. We read the energy and have test kits with cell energies to see what attracts to your energy field. This way we can peel back the onion of what is stressing your nervous system. When you leave you will know what is stressing out your body at that moment. Knowledge is power. That way it will empower you to take charge of your health. The client and practitioner will make a plan to empower you to make changes to improve your health right away.


We never guess; we always assess. There are seven factors that we assess that contribute to your mental, physical and emotional health.

These include:

  • Food

  • Immune Challenges

  • Heavy Metals

  • Chemicals

  • Emotional Stress

  • Scars

  • Your Body's Structure

Julie 2.JPG

Your Lymphatic System is the “sewer system” of your whole body. It is part of the circulatory system and a vital part of your immune system.


To prevent your body from being over burdened with toxins, you need to keep your Lymph free of stagnation.


At The Body Project we use frequency specific  micro-current technology to move the toxins, excess water and trapped blood proteins from your Lymph resulting in:

  • Improved immune function

  • Decreased inflammation

  • Proper digestion

  • Improved circulation

  • Weight loss

  • Healthy glowing skin

Skin Care.jpeg

The Lymphatic drainage is an essential experience for “well care.”  Nothing moves fluid and toxins faster than energy, and even though sometimes subtle, the underlying health benefit is immense.


With 90% of the population breathing at only 50% capacity it’s no wonder the number one reason a person visit to the doctor today is because of fatigue.


Learning how to breathe properly you can double your energy, sleep better and correct joint problems like neck pain, jaw pain, low back pain, shoulder pain and even headaches.


Breathing properly with specific techniques can dramatically decrease emotional stress and make profound changes with anxiety and depression.

Our initial evaluation will allow us to see your breathing mechanics and determine if retraining your breathing mechanics will be an integral part of your wellness plan.  Nothing has had more long term influence on our clients health than restoring this system.


Energy Healing is a relaxing, nurturing, energy therapy that helps to restore and balance the body’s energy field.

Energy Healing works with your energy field to support your natural ability to heal and can be used for a variety of challenges such as major life changes and transitions, pain, anxiety, stress, illness, injury and strengthening the recovery from surgery or medical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation.


It strengthens the immune system, assists with life transitions and creates a sense of well being. Energy Healing utilizes gentle, light or near-body touch to clear, balance and energize the human energy system in order to promote health and healing for mind, body and spirit.


It is based on a heart-centered, caring relationship in which the practitioner and client come together in partnership energetically to facilitate the client's health and healing.

Holistic Healing Alternative Medicine Fitness Therapy The Body Project

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. - Nikola Tesla

Holistic Healing Alternative Medicine Fitness Therapy The Body Project
Holistic Healing Alternative Medicine Fitness Therapy The Body Project


Frequent Infections


Skin Irritations

Digestive Issue


Holistic Healing Alternative Medicine Fitness Therapy The Body Project


Impaired Judgments


Unable to Cope

Muddled Thinking


Holistic Healing Alternative Medicine Fitness Therapy The Body Project


Frequent Infections


Skin Irritations

Digestive Issue


Holistic Healing Alternative Medicine Fitness Therapy The Body Project

Loss of Appetite

Restlessness and Sleeplessness

Increased Alcohol intake

Loss of sex drive

Accident Prone



The Body Project’s personal Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching program guides you through your journey to your best health possible. We get to the root cause of your health and nutrition concerns with our three step process: De-Stress, Cleanse and Re-Build.


Using our scientifically-backed nutrition program, we teach you how real whole foods can transform your health and body. We know “life happens,” our goal is to support you through these life moments so you are able to be the best version of yourself. We cater to your personal nutrition needs and are not an automated “cookie cutter” service.


We work as a team to support you both nutritionally as well as providing suggestions for making lifestyle changes that will produce real and lasting results. You will develop a deeper understanding of what works best for you to improve, energy, balance, health and happiness.





Loss of Confidence




Loss of Appetite 

Restlessness & Sleeplessness

Increased Alcohol Intake

Loss of Sex Drive

Accident Prone



We believe the best way to get the nutrients your body needs to function optimally is from consuming organic whole foods. However, due to our current food sources lacking key nutrients and minerals, there is reason for supplementation.


Today there are many synthetic options for supplements that can be harmful to your health and body. Synthetic supplements contain many fillers that are derived from unnatural sources or from sources that your body cannot digest such as coral or rock.


Many supplements are processed using techniques that don’t nurture the true nature of the healthy part, such as rotten fish oil contaminated with mercury or probiotics that have been heated which destroys the good bacteria.


At the Body Project, we use whole food nutrients (no fillers, using only organic cold processed whole foods) from Standard Process. Standard process has been around for over 80 years and comes from an organic farm in Wisconsin, from the purest land possible.


We also use liquid homeopathic formulas from Energetix.

AGE 53

I was retaining so much fluid around several of my joints and it made movement feel so restricted when I was exercising.  One of my other classmates in our our small group training shared with me her amazing experience with her lymph treatment and after just three treatments I have no more swelling around my joints, I am moving so much better and I lost 13lb's of fluid! I am ecstatic!

AGE 47

I have struggled with my digestion over 30 years and it’s the main reason I came into the Body Project was severe constipation which left me miserable.  I had a friend who had similar issues get great results so I thought I had nothing to lose and conventional medicine had done nothing for me. Through MFT Paula identified the problem right away and told me that my lymph was very congested and recommended a lymph treatment with the microcurrent.  The Body Project’s staff did more for me in 5 visits than I received in dozens of doctors visits over the span of 30 years. I now have regular bowels, have lost 18 lbs and my skin is glowing. I am thrilled with the results!

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