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The founders of the Body Project Rob and Paula Smith enjoy a life of great health and vibrancy today, but it wasn't always that way.  After struggling with their own health challenges and frustrated with the lack of results they were getting in conventional medicine they searched for a better answer. They were committed to uncovering the root cause of why they struggled with pain, depression, poor energy and illnesses.


Following the advice of several alternative practitioners they had mediocre results, so they decided to “fix themselves” and in the process they created a holistic model that would help thousands of others overcome the same challenges they had.  Because of the physical and emotional pain Rob and Paula had to endure over the years they have a great deal of empathy for people that are struggling with their health.


Rob, Paula and their staff give their clients the confidence and encouragement that no matter the situation they can help improve their health and fitness.  Equally important they make sure people feel more supported than they have ever been with their journey.


The Story of How It All Began


I have been involved in the holistic health industry for over 24 years. Having had my own health challenges

and seeing what people go through made me more motivated to help. I suffered from mild to severe depression since I was a teenager and my heart goes out to those suffering with any health challenge.

I discovered my passion for helping people heal their mind, body and spirit was the most rewarding career I could have and am so blessed to be able to do just that. Today I am excited to own a business in the wellness industry and work with amazing like minded people

who also want to make a positive difference in the world.

  • C.N.H.P (certified Natural Health Professional)

  • Energy Healing Practitioner 

  • M.F.T (Certified Morphogenic Field Technique Practitioner)


I am a Holistic Health Coach and Exercise Therapist. I have been in the health, energy healing, fitness and therapy space for 29 years.  I have attained my masters degree in Human Movement and Rehabilitation Sciences as well as 23 certifications in the following areas: energy healing, core conditioning, lower back rehabilitation, corrective exercise, breathing coach, postural restoration, golf biomechanic, myoskeletal alignment techniques, personal training, nutritional microscopy, sports nutrition, bio-cellular analysis and nutrition and lifestyle coaching.


I have worked with Olympic, professional and Division 1 athletes and even helped clients lose over 120 pounds. I have been able to help hundreds of people who suffered with chronic pain get long term resolution.  My motto is to get to the root cause of the dysfunction instead of chasing the symptom.


Along with writing his bestselling book, Second Opinion, Rob has also produced four instructional videos. Rob oversees all the therapy and fitness programming at The Body Project.

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As a Recreational Therapist I have a passion for supporting others on their health journey towards balance, peace and joy. My goal is to provide you with the education, practical guidance, and heart centered compassionate understanding that will allow you to achieve your wellness goals.

I am committed to listening to your concerns regarding all aspects of your health and creating a loving, peaceful, safe and relaxed environment to allow your body to heal itself. I truly appreciate the opportunity to support you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for your healing and well-being (and having fun along the way).


  • Certified Morphogenic Field Technique Practitioner

  • Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentice

  • Wellness Practitioner and Consultant

  • Micro-Current Specialist

  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach


My passion for sports and fitness is what drove me to make a career change and pursue personal training. Through my journey I received certifications in personal training(CPT), corrective exercise(CES), performance enhancement(PES), TRX and became a certified breathing coach.


I believe that everyone should master the seven  essential movement exercises: Squat, Lunge, Hinge, Push, Pull, Twist and Gait. That’s why I like to provide clients with fun and challenging workouts that focus on these functional movement patterns.


Ten years of dealing with back pain was the reason I first walked in the doors of The Body Project.  I worked with Rob and Paula to completely rehab my back, lose 30 pounds and improve my overall health and fitness.  This experience inspired me to want to be a part of their team.  I am a Microcurrent Specialist for Rehabilitation Therapy and a Certified Breathing Coach and Personal Trainer.

Call today to get your comprehensive holistic assessment. 

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