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The Body Project is dedicated to strengthening our community through education and engagement. In today’s high tech world, the internet houses a lot of great information.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation as well and trying to decipher the truth can be overwhelming. We will help you put the pieces together to improve your health by understanding how the body works and what is needed to rebalance your life. Get inspired to heal from the inside out!


We offer monthly workshops and wellness events to deepen your knowledge of health, find a support network with like minded people and share your stories. We have offered workshops from stress, reduction, breathing to creative classes and wellness from nut, lifestyle and stress reduction.


We feel it’s very important to educate the community on the importance of natural health. If you take care of your body it stays stronger and your quality of life is enhanced. Rob has spoke at events such as rotary, wellness events and business events. We love speaking at events about many topics like stress reduction breathing techniques to the many stressors that affect your health. Rob and Paula are both available to speak. Call today to set up any event speaking.

Call today to get your comprehensive holistic assessment. 

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